Apr 20 2011


Hey everybody, this is Dave and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project!  John’s songs have always been a kind of home for me.  And though I’ve dropped one into a set now and then, mainly I’ve kept them for when I’m on my own, or visiting my dad in Ohio, or when I get a chance to hang with my brother Andy, who also grew up on them.

It’s funny, even though I’m a writer who can sometimes go to pretty deep places, in a way this is the most personal project I’ve ever done.  Kind of weird how that works sometimes.

So I’ve got a concert coming up on May 1 in LA.  Can’t wait to see who shows up, and I’m very curious what everyone’s going to think when they hear this stuff.  People aren’t writing songs like these anymore –and maybe they never did!

I’ll be adding new stuff to this site as we go, so feel free to share your thoughts about all this and let’s have some fun.

Peace love and music always,

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13 Responses to “Welcome”

  • Roy Fritz Says:

    Dave,One of my favorite Stewart memories was a Bickfords in Mass at 2:00 AM. John telling you all of the horror stories about the music business. I’m mighty glad you decided to stay with it. See you in August if not sooner.

  • Daphna Boros Stepen Says:

    Dave: You are a great spirit, immortalizing classic treasures, while breathing new life into them. I miss you!

    • Dave Crossland Says:

      Hey Daphna, so good to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words – and I still remember what your father said at your wedding, about his girl always working on the side of the angels. Let’s catch up on the phone. I need an update on your life~ Love you!

  • Ben Blake Says:

    Dave, thanks for all you are doing to keep John’s music in the here and now. Like Cody, he pointed the way. Now it’s up to us to make sure he never becomes “the forgotten son of some old yesterday.”

    • Dave Crossland Says:

      Thanks, Ben. It’s up to us indeed. Hoping to make a difference with this recording. John captured America in such a unique way, and his art deserves a special place in our country’s collective consciousness.

  • Tom Says:

    We were at the show at the “Black and White Theatre” in Middleboro, Looking forward to the CD and any possible shows back east.

  • MaryAnn Says:


    I am looking forward to hearing your CD of John Stewart songs. I was at that concert in Middleboro, MA where you opened for John. I was in line with you while you were waiting to enter the theater!

    It was obvious that night that there was magic between the two of you!


  • pete Says:

    As Dave’s Dad, I am real proud of him, mostly. And that and anticipating a great show is why I’m in California instead of back home in Ohio. pete crossland

  • Rod Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the album, Dave! Good luck with the concert, wish I could be there. Thanks for helping to keep the flame burning!!


    • dave Says:

      Thanks Rod, really looking forward to the gig. It’s going to feel great to play all these songs that meant so much to me when I was growing up. Can’t wait to see how people respond!

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