Apr 25 2011

Mother Country Video

Hey, thanks to Liz Linder and Aaron Shadwell, we’ve got the video up and running!

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

5 Responses to “Mother Country Video”

  • Tom C Says:

    Dave, glad you completed the project – it looks and sounds quite exciting. Really appreciated the time you took with Margaret and me last year in Scottsdale when you gave us a preview of your work in progress. Can’t wait to get hold the CD and we are really looking forward to catching up with you and the rest of the JS band again in Scottsdale this coming August

  • Dennis McBride Says:

    Dave, this is a great project and labor of love. I’m so pleased that you are honoring John in this way, and I hope it’s a great commercial success for you. I’ll be there Sunday to enjoy the preview. Dennis (just another fan)

  • tom Says:

    Dave, I got to sing one song with John. It’s a frozen moment I’ll never forget. Can’t wait for the CD! Thanks…

    I will spread the word as best I can.


    “That’s how all us stray dogs gonna die”

  • Greg Dennis Says:

    How do I get the CD? Sounds great! Love John’s stuff and want more!

    • Dave Crossland Says:

      Thanks, Greg, glad you like it! The CD is not out yet, but it’s mixed, mastered, and ready for pressing. Right now I need to talk to those who are interested in putting it out there and making it fly, so I hope patience is one of your virtues~

      If not, get yourself to Los Feliz this Sunday and hear it live with my brothers from the John Stewart Band!

      And keep in touch!

      All the best,

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