Dave Crossland

Dave CrosslandCriss-crossing the country with a 1949 Gibson J-45, Crossland delivers contemporary themes and observations with an ageless perspective that “seduces on a pure sound level”. The result has a unique relevance not easily categorized by the mainstream music industry or the indie acoustic scene.

Crossland is a first-class vocalist, and highly respected among his songwriting peers. “From the long line of Guthrie, Dylan and Springsteen – it’s only a matter of time until Crossland takes his place among the great songwriters of the 21st century”, said the late John Stewart, legendary writer and key member of the Kingston Trio. Crossland recorded and toured with Stewart in the early 2000s, and now works with the LA-based John Stewart band as an ongoing project dedicated to keeping his mentor’s music in the American consciousness.

A road monkey at heart, Crossland is most at home traveling between coasts, hitting stages large and small. Crossland has opened for Shawn Colvin, John Waite, Kenny Loggins, and America, among others.

Crossland has released 4 CDs on his own, in addition to an indie recording produced in Nashville. His previous disc, Pearl, surpassed those of Springsteen and Neko Case in a list of top 10 albums from the Boston Herald.

(excerpted from www.davecrossland.com)